IFT Nisma is initiative for establishing a nonprofit, nonreligious and nonpolitical think-tank organization. It is run by two boards; administrative and academic board.
Goals and duties of the Institute for free thinking NISMA – Skopje
In order to accomplish a broader common interest we will:

  • promote the cohesive elements in society;
  • reate new politics of cohesion, analyze public politics and take part in the implementation of politics     and programs related to social, interethnic and intercultural cohesion 
  • promotion of freedom of opinion in society;
  • promoting the concept of depoliticization in the society especially in the areas of culture, decentralization and Euro-integrations;
  • creation, promotion, analyses and implementation of depoliticized programs and politics
Goals of the association will be realized through projects activities.




str. Vasil Glavinov 16/4-9

BC “Paloma Bjanka”

1000 Skopje



Tel:      00389 2 3256325

Fax:     00389 2 3256326